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Connor Huff Account Manager

Prior to joining MasonBaronet, Connor specialized in digital marketing. His experience includes developing websites, SEO, apps, and digital advertising. As an account manager, he takes a strategic approach to solving complex communication problems for businesses in a number of fields.


The big picture is important to Connor. He studied Philosophy at Southwestern University, and his senior thesis was on the philosophy of art. In other words, Connor’s the one who’s most likely to ask the deep questions — sometimes, a little too deep.


To get some much-needed perspective, Connor enjoys traveling (ask him about his adventures in Barcelona), working out, yoga, skiing and “the mountains in general.” In fact, Connor has visited or skied nearly every mountain range in the U.S. and Canada.


Connor was born in Dallas, grew up in Lexington, MA (birthplace of the American Revolution), and most recently worked in Austin before moving back to Big D.


No more questions for Connor. It’s his turn to ask about you and your business.

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