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Sook Lee Art Director

While choosing a creative vocation was partly a random coincidence, it was also in Sook’s genes. Her three older sisters are all involved in the arts. And then, of course, there’s her identical twin sister. She and Sook agreed to help a friend with a design project one summer during college, and they both discovered they loved it.


After earning a BFA in Graphic Communication from the University of Houston, she spent several years at a promotional marketing agency, followed by a brief freelancing stint, before joining MasonBaronet.


Sook is also the proud mother of daughter Zia, who arrived in 2012. “Zia is my inspiration and my source of energy,” Sook says. “But of course, she can also drain that energy.” Like many creative types, Sook describes herself as shy and quiet.


“I pursue simplicity and minimalism with a modern point of view and attention to detail,” Sook says. Her “less is more” approach has helped clients like Bank of America and Dom Perignon elevate their brands.


In her spare time, Sook enjoys practicing calligraphy and playing the guitar, ukulele, piano, and Korean drums. Quietly, we presume.

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