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11 ways to outsmart,
not outspend your competition

The market out there is tough, and reaching your audience, even tougher. And while some may think spending their marketing dollars in every direction is the best way to reach their valued customers, we know different.


In today’s economic climate, those whose brands and budgets will win are choosing to outsmart, rather than outspend, their competition.


 1. Know thyself.

Understand who you are and what you stand for as a brand. The clearer you can be about the brand, the more efficiently you can communicate with your audience. Businesses that haven’t defined their value and competitive advantages risk sending vague, generic messages.


2. Know your audience.

Learn about your buyers, clients and prospects. Figure out not only how to reach them — but what connects. Understand how they want to be approached, and then show up with targeted messaging that says you get them.


3. Don’t be everything to everyone.

Instead, be the only thing to the right ones. Hold on to your unique value. Resist the temptation to deviate from your strategy or wander outside of your niche. Instead, focus on giving loyal clients the best possible experience.


4. Stay focused.

See #3. Define your ideal customers — they are the bullseye. Channel your energy and resources on connecting with them, and let everything else land where it will.


5. Put your people to work.

Maximize your payroll by turning your employees into your best ambassadors. Help them understand the brand, and give them the tools and authority to reinforce your value.


6. Create evangelists, not just customers.

When you can deliver real value to the right buyers, they’ll let you know — and they’ll let everyone else know, too. Make sure they have a way to voice their praise. Social media is a powerful tool that helps your customers create trust and good will for your brand.


7. Get involved.

Investing in your community feels good. It can also pay for itself in free exposure and an expanded network.


8. Choose wisely.

Maximize your results and get the most out of your budget by picking the right tools to connect to customers. Make sure the medium you use is the best way to communicate your message and receive the desired response.


9. Serve, don’t sell.

Offer help, not products or sales pitches. Share your knowledge of industry trends — it makes you a sought-after authority.


10. Be unique. Be relevant. Be consistent.

If you can do all three, you’ll become something even greater — you’ll be memorable.


11. Talk to MasonBaronet.

We’re in the business of helping brands define their message, maximize their marketing, and realize their true value.

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