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7 ways to make mobile your focus in 2016

The future of marketing has arrived, and mobile marketing is in the driver’s seat. 2016 is predicted to be the year of mobile after Google announced last year that search traffic from mobile devices surpassed traffic from desktops in 10 countries. Brands are now shifting content, and budgets, to make room for what is becoming the standard in the world of mobile technology. Here are some marketing trends to consider when planning for a mobile-friendly year.


Opt for video

Although video marketing and advertising is nothing new, it is increasingly used to give consumers a fast and effective message. It’s visually stimulating and transitions smoothly to mobile, whereas written content requires scrolling if the copy is longer than a sentence or two.


Engage with app indexing

Many websites have started to use Google to index their mobile apps. For example, if you do a Google search of your brand on a smartphone, the search will include a link to your website, but also a link to your brand’s mobile app. While it won’t replace websites anytime soon, it’s a quicker, more accessible way to connect users to your content.


Market on messaging apps

Facebook’s messaging app has nearly one billion active users per month. This presents a new opportunity for marketers to help your brand reach a larger population of users with a non-traditional digital message.


Help Siri find you

Voice-recognizing digital search assistants like Siri and Windows’ Cortana use search engines to find information. Just like you optimize your content to be found in a Google search, it is also important to make your content easily accessible for these search assistants.


Location, location, location

Location-based marketing targets mobile users in a specific geographic area. Your brand can use this tactic proactively to alert nearby consumers about relevant deals, coupons and updates to stay one step ahead of the consumer.


Stay short

Consumers are looking for quick and fresh content on popular apps including Instagram and Twitter. But ephemeral marketing, or temporary social media, is growing through newer apps like Snapchat. Snapchat is unique because it never recycles old content: Once you have viewed a snapped image, it is gone. The message doesn’t linger. This medium allows for your brand to experiment with clearer, faster, and more impactful messages.


Think “smart”

The Internet of Things is making headway into consumer’s homes through household appliances, gadgets and wearables. By finding a way to connect your content to these devices, your brand can market to consumers across screens other than a desktop or a mobile device.


2016 is all about keeping it short, clear, memorable and mobile. At MasonBaronet, 
your message is our focus, and with some good thinking we can propel your brand through the new year.

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