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If Your Brand Was An Emoji…

Culture and Your Brand

What emoji would your employees or customers associate with you? What about with your brand? Are you celebrating successes with party hats or putting out fires in a panic? How does your company emoji affect the attitudes in your office or the service to your customers?


Successful companies align their culture with their brand values, purpose and personality to create a powerful distinction in the marketplace. When someone looks deep inside your business, what do they see? That’s your culture. How you operate on the inside should reflect how you want to be perceived on the outside. There’s no single right culture. It has to be authentic to you, and aligned with your vision or what you as an organization are trying to accomplish.


When your brand and culture are aligned, your business can reap many benefits from operational efficiency, accuracy, quality, and the ability to attract and retain both employees and customers.


Checking Your Cultural Temperature

So how do you go about checking up on your culture? It’s as simple as taking an honest look at where your culture is today and knowing where you want it to be. From there, it’s a matter of being intentional about things from the inside out.


• Understand your culture, including where you are now and where you want
to be.
• Sit down with your team often and facilitate two-way communication.
Ask your employees for feedback.
• Model the values you’d like others in your organization to reflect in your
culture. Delivering on your brand promise is not just for those on the frontlines with customers.


At MasonBaronet, we know that your culture affects every touchpoint of your brand. The right emoji will deliver a strong company culture that helps your business thrive. Give us a shout if you can use some extra brand therapy to help assess whether your company emoji is on brand; it’s never too late to give your company culture the boost it may need.

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