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So your last few posts weren’t as popular as you had hoped … chin up, buttercup. Wooing social media isn’t as hard as you may think; you just need some popularity pointers. Ultimately, you want more likes, comments, interactions, and shares; try not to focus on the number of followers you have. Here’s how to make that happen: Make sure you’re posting consistently with relevance and value, then actually engage with your audience – reply and interact; otherwise, you’re just a faceless brand. It’s not about how often you post, it’s how you engage, which is why it’s called social media.




Quality is always going to win over quantity, so make sure your social media interactions are not only smart, but relevant to your readers, because your posts will be meaningless if they aren’t worthwhile. Be consistent and visible on social media without losing focus – the key to this social media gig is getting a return on your investment by driving traffic to your company and getting your target to convert. However, the most effective approach is to have a nice balance between content meant to engage your audience and lead-gen posts. A good rule of thumb is 80/20 – 80% fun, engaging, light content and 20% with a call to action.


How are you measuring your ROI across social media platforms? MasonBaronet can help you figure that out; we have plenty of brand therapy to share with the social media-lovesick. If you like us, let’s go on a date and chat more about your needs.


Wooing Social Media - Part 1

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