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Emotion in motion: using video to connect and convert

Online video isn’t just more prevalent — it’s more powerful than ever. Share your story, and watch what happens.


Each day, one-third of all online activity is centered around watching video. Forbes found that 75% of executives watch business-related videos online at least once a week. According to Forrester, the value of a one-minute online video is the same as about 1.8 million words of web content.


The question isn’t whether or not to produce a memorable video for your brand. Instead, it’s about where to start — and how to leverage video to connect with customers and prospects. Here are some thoughts on creating a meaningful video presence.


Have Something to Say

You have about 10-20 seconds to capture a viewer’s attention before he/she clicks away. That means effective video marketing has to be engaging right from the start.


The best way to engage is to be authentic. Be genuine. Let your brand’s personality shine. To establish a rapport, the content in your video needs to relate. Tell a story. Share something about why the brand exists — or tell your audience about how you’ve helped a client succeed. Rather than bombarding the viewer with products or prices, give them a sense of what it’s like to work with you. Talk about what makes your business different. In other words, make the takeaway emotional, not factual.


That being said, don’t be afraid to include a clear and simple call to action. What’s the next step you want the viewer to take? Part of the beauty of online video is that it’s a dialogue. Users can instantly respond and connect, so be sure to invite them into a deeper conversation.


Point being, it all comes down to content. Work to define your brand’s story and positioning, and then choose the best way to deliver that message — whether it’s a sit-down conversation with the founder, or an animated infographic.


Don’t Show It, Share It

It’s no wonder YouTube is the world’s second largest search engine: Users are yearning for video content. It’s the nature of the medium — and it’s why so many social media channels are video-friendly. So, it’s not enough to post a video to your company website and hope for the best. The secret is going social. Here’s how:

  • YouTube: Upload your video and create a catchy, relevant title. Then, include a URL and a clear, engaging call to action in the description field. And for even better ROI, consider adding a video overlay that links to a landing page. Overlays function much like clickable banner ads.
  • Facebook: Share your video in a status update with a clear call to action.
  • Twitter: Since the development of Vine, users have become more comfortable sharing video on Twitter. Tweet a YouTube link, along with a link to a targeted landing page. FYI, YouTube videos display directly on Twitter.
  • Snapchat: Snapchat users watch an average of 10 billion videos per day.
  • Instagram: Every month on average 200 million video ads are shown on Instagram.
  • Vimeo: Vimeo tracks 715 million video views on average per month.


With a compelling video and a cross-channel social media strategy, you’ll be poised to see fans convert to qualified leads — and ultimately to connect as clients.


Make it Moving

Your audience is waiting. Consumers are looking for brands they can believe in. Executives are looking for business partners they can trust. It’s about making emotional connections. But first, it takes planning and strategy. It takes good thinking. And that’s where MasonBaronet can help. Let’s start with your story, and transform it into something that engages, connects — and moves.

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