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Yes, work is important, and hard work pays off – but don’t go so fast that you miss out on life. Besides all of the obvious health and happiness reasons, all work and no play can also end up hurting your brand and your bottom line. We’ve all been there, but encouraging your company to balance work and play lays the groundwork for success that will ultimately provide a bigger payoff for your company’s brand.


How Balancing Work and Play Affects Your Brand

Without Balance:

When people are overworked, you can guess what happens: Stress and anxiety increase, while productivity, creativity, and mental clarity decline. Employers see increases in impaired judgment, sick days, and burnouts.

The Perfect Balance:

Employees are more likely to represent your company and brand in a positive way. You’ll have more employee engagement with creativity, strong morale, and mental energy. Inspired and challenged employees will perform better for your clients and business, which ultimately builds a strong brand.


From CEOs to office interns, it’s time to adopt a healthier perspective on work. Leaders and their employees need time off, vacations, time to separate from the workplace and breathe. Sometimes you have to make people take time off and slow down. Maybe that’s why many Fortune 500 companies now do a four-day work week to give their employees more time away. It’s a shift in thinking, but it pays off for you in the end. Ultimately, a work/play balance will result in a positive work environment where employees can be more productive, creative, and proactive for your brand. This leads to happy clients and a stronger bottom line!


We encourage you to be a forward-thinker — not only when it comes to your business, but regarding the climate of your workplace. The brand therapists at MasonBaronet are here to guide you in your quest to be more creative and innovative as you live hard and love what you do.

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