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More Hustle, Less Bustle: Tips for Effective Holiday Marketing

It’s the most wonderful time to connect with clients and prospects. Of course, it’s also the most crowded, noisy, and generally frantic season for marketers. So, here are some not-so-secret ways to make the most of your holiday greetings.


Order Now, Avoid The Rush

Plan ahead. Develop your marketing strategy, and then go ahead and create some content. Write emails early and print direct mail two to six weeks out. Depending on your product/service and audience, you can even time your messages to encourage holiday orders.


Enlist Your Little Helpers

Encourage your employees to share your holiday marketing messages on their personal social channels. You’ll reach more prospects without using additional resources.


Make It Personal

Tailor your marketing messages and channels to each of your audiences. Check your list more than once. Create segments based on purchasing habits, demographics, or other insights from research. Then, craft your content in a way that connects with each group.


Be Old-Fashioned

Consider snail-mail. Your clients’ mailboxes are likely not as full as their inboxes. With everything going digital, snail-mail can be an easy way to stand out—especially since folks still look forward to holiday greetings. If you really want to kick it old-school, then consider a folded or dimensional mailer.


Invite Folks Inside

Sometimes the best way to foster goodwill and trust is to give customers a peek behind the curtain. Create a short “behind-the-scenes” video of your team decorating the office or post a few pics from that ugly sweater contest. Sharing with customers can make them feel like part of the family.


Brag (A Little)

If your customers voted your product/service a “Best Of,” then it’s perfectly appropriate to thank them for their support. If you’ve received accolades from your industry or peers, then it’s even okay to let folks know they’re making a good choice by doing business with your company. Stay humble and grateful by resisting the urge to toot that new toy horn.


No matter how you package your holiday marketing messages, be sure to do so with care. Choose a style that’s true to your audience and your brand. And most of all, remember that it’s better to give than to receive.


Happy Holidays from all of us at MasonBaronet.

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