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Taking a Vertical Leap

Your company is entering a new vertical. Here’s how to grow from a relative unknown into the go-to option in a new segment:


Know your audience.

It’s important to identify decision-makers and their needs. At the same time, there are others who make up your broader audience — including influencers, industry leaders, and even end users. Look beyond the demographics and understand their behaviors, motivation, and preferences.


Speak the language.

As you strategize on how to reach your audiences, spend time crafting the message you want to communicate. Establish yourself as an authority and an industry expert. Buyers trust knowledge and expertise, so immerse yourself in the new market and become a trusted resource.


Unite and conquer.

As you move through the sales cycle, it’s imperative that each prospect receives a clear, consistent message. Make sure every facet of your business is aligned and focused on a common objective. From product marketing and sales development to engineering and business development, each stakeholder across the organization should have a shared vision and an equal voice. Internal confusion telegraphs externally. Awareness and market share hang in the balance.



Listen to your audience. Give them what they want — and offer something they didn’t know they needed. Be a leader (not a follower), and create your own niche within an established category.


Remember — just because you build it doesn’t guarantee they will come. Entering a new market takes a clear vision, a collective effort, and excellent communication. Let us help you plan and prepare to dive in — so you can make a bigger splash.


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