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Resolve to rebrand
or simply refresh?

Before committing to a brand makeover this year, consult with a qualified professional. The new year gives businesses an opportunity to take a long, hard look in the mirror. Perhaps your brand didn’t take care of itself as well as it could have. And even if you did everything “right,” the fact remains that any brand can show signs of aging. Trends come and go, and things inevitably start to sag.

If you find yourself looking in the mirror and realizing that what’s on the outside doesn’t match what’s on the inside, then it’s time to consider a change. But how will you know if the solution is just a change in style or something more substantial?


Get an honest opinion

You see a lot of brands cut themselves a lot of slack. They can even convince themselves that they’re projecting a certain image, when they’re really not. For better or worse, you can always ask the people who know you best: your customers. Maybe it’s time to check in with your audience and find out how they see you. “Does this marketing make us look [whatever]?” Of course, if you’re not ready to hear the answer…


A little lift

Sometimes a new look or a change of attitude is all it takes to boost your confidence and remind customers what attracted them to you in the first place. A “brand refresh” can help when you want to:

  • reinforce your existing image
  • enhance the brand’s personality
  • prevent customers from confusing your brand with similar options
  • adapt the communication to reflect new products, services or delivery methods
  • invite new people to the conversation


An extreme makeover

If the situation calls for a change in the core business — or if it’s going to take more than a nip and a tuck to make your brand stand out — then it might be time to do some serious work. Beware: Even something that seems like a “no-brainer” — like a line extension or a name change — has major implications for your brand. Consider a rebrand when your business needs to:

  • communicate a new sense of purpose, or realign customers when your company’s vision has been clouded
  • respond to a change of vision and/or values
  • introduce a new core business
  • announce a move into a new market or business sector
  • address the global marketplace and respond to customers in different cultures
  • refocus your brand around a single name, trademark and visual identity
  • consolidate two brands into one
  • split your business into two or more brands
  • reposition the company against the competition
  • reinforce a good reputation, or reestablish trust after a setback
  • restore relevance to your audience


Stay true to everyone

An effective brand initiative should help align the company’s purpose with its customers’ expectations. In other words, the outside should match the inside. But in today’s brand-aware world — where buyers are hyper-informed and even more skeptical — the truth lives somewhere in-between. Serve your customers, and invite their feedback. They can actually help reshape your brand and make it even stronger.


A brand-new year, and a brand-new you

If you’re ready to make some changes, start by taking stock and taking time to think about your objectives. Accentuate the positive, but be careful — customers can pick out even the best attempts at concealing more serious issues.

Bottom line, real change comes from within. Of course, that doesn’t mean you should do it alone. And that’s where MasonBaronet comes in. We think good design looks beneath the surface and addresses real goals. We believe good thinking helps customers see your brand for what it is — and appreciate you for who you are. We’re committed to both, and we’re dedicated to results. Let’s resolve to renew your brand in 2018.

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