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Too much of a good thing

It seems we’ve all been on the receiving end of bad email marketing. And more often than not, it’s simply a matter of frequency. Because when it comes to effective email communication, more is not always better.


To many email marketers, the rationale is simple: If one email blast generates revenue, then more emails should bring in more business. However, new research shows a negative correlation between frequency and engagement. So how much is too much?


While there is no magic formula for achieving the “frequency sweet spot,” there are some rules of thumb to consider when creating an email strategy.


We’re on different frequencies

What one person considers too much email might be welcomed and valued by another. Study your subscribers’ habits and look for patterns that can influence your email scheduling.


It’s a journey

Engagement happens throughout the sales cycle. So, as you build a plan for connecting via email, think about segmenting lists and content to meet customers and prospects where they are.


Set appropriate expectations

Subscribers learn quickly what to expect from a brand in terms of content and communication. Be clear, and (most important) be consistent.


Testing (One, Two, Three)

Carefully measure and evaluate open rates and click-through data to see when recipients are engaging — and when they’re not. When in doubt about a subject line or call to action, prepare a few versions, send them to different customers, and then track which alternatives work best.


Ask the Audience

Of course, the best way to find out what customers and prospects want is to simply poll your subscribers and find out what they prefer. Users are typically more than happy to have a say in the way they interact with your brand.


Content is Still King

Subscribers don’t want more of the same, but they welcome more frequent emails if the quality of the content makes it worth their while. At the same time, your audience might value a “less is more” approach with fewer messages and deeper, more engaging content.


Achieving balance takes focus and commitment. It also requires good thinking. And that’s what MasonBaronet is all about. Whether we’re building a new identity or strengthening an established brand through a coordinated campaign, we think everything through — and deliver communication with the right balance of strategy and creativity.

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