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MasonBaronet announces partnership with Advanced Technology Video

February 2, 2012


ATV hired MasonBaronet to help reintroduce the company into the marketplace with a refreshed brand identity.


“We’re excited to partner with ATV in developing a strong brand platform and campaign that will help ‘decommotitize’ their product line and boost sales”, said Holly Mason, CEO, MasonBaronet. “Although the company has been around for over 30 years, we want their customers to take a new look at their expanded offering. A rebrand is often a great way to get customers to take notice and see the company in a new light.”


MasonBaronet’s OnPurpose™ Brand Assessment found that while the history and reputation of ATV are recognized by many of their targets, brand awareness is relatively low. As a result, MasonBaronet is working with ATV to develop a refreshed brand identity to differentiate them from their competitors. This is timed with the rollout of a new product line that will allow ATV to fulfill any customer’s CCTV needs. The new identity and campaign will be unveiled at ISC West in Vegas in March.


As part of the rebranding initiative, MasonBaronet is revitalizing the ATV logo and business card, developing a tagline that captures the essence of the brand, redesigning the website, creating an ad campaign, designing tradeshow graphics and promotional items, creating a corporate brochure and sales materials, and designing POP signage for distributor partners.

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