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MasonBaronet announces new clients: The SMU Simmons School, Riveron Consulting, D Magazine, and Trinity Hunt Partners

December 5, 2011

Each of these clients hired MasonBaronet to help articulate their unique brand positions to resonate with their audiences.


“Companies realize that in order to reach their full potential, they must have a brand strategy that will differentiate them from their competition,” said Holly Mason, CEO, MasonBaronet. “We help organizations define and clarify their business objectives, and then we create and execute results-oriented programs to meet those objectives. We speak with each company’s leadership team, as well as their employees and constituents, in order to create a plan that allows the company to tell its story in a compelling, consistent way.”


The SMU Simmons School has several different departments within their School. MasonBaronet is helping the School articulate their story under a single brand that will resonate with their many audiences, including donors, faculty, students and the community at large. The school offers Master’s and Ph.D. Programs in education, as well as Dispute Resolution and Counseling, Applied Physiology and Wellness, and Lifelong Learning programs.


Riveron Consulting is a growth-minded accounting firm. As the firm opens new offices and brings on new staff, MasonBaronet is helping the company expand brand awareness in new markets and amongst new referral sources. MasonBaronet is bringing their positioning strategy to life in a new brand identity, which consists of a refreshed logo, color palette, website, sales collateral, stationery system and more.


D Magazine is known for bringing thought provoking and entertaining journalism into the homes and offices of Dallas readers. With the growing number of media choices, D Magazine wants to ensure they are offering relevant products to advertisers, and providing the best service to this important audience. MasonBaronet conducted qualitative research that gleaned insightful data from D Magazine advertisers, which will guide a new advertising campaign to help boost advertising sales.


Trinity Hunt Partners, a private equity firm, has recently raised money for their fourth fund. MasonBaronet is helping the firm communicate their story to investors and business partners, with an emphasis on their reputation and unique partnership approach. MasonBaronet will be developing a new website and brochure to help expand awareness for the firm amongst CEOs and owners of potential portfolio companies.

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