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323 is building on some of Tahoe’s last available property. We’re there to make sure the right buyers get a spot.


This is as exclusive as it gets. Forty-nine units — each starting at around $2 million — on spectacular land whose neighboring parcels will soon be protected.


In order to pre-sell 10 units, 323 looked to MasonBaronet for a marketing blitz of the nearby San Francisco Bay area — home to the kind of high-net-worth demographic that would consider 323 as a second or third residence. Highly targeted radio advertising drove prospects to the 323 website, where they could request a brochure.


But the sell didn't stop there. We recommended that 323 should maintain continuous contact with buyers to keep them informed and excited as their move-in date approaches.


Soon after the campaign launched, 323 got more than 1,000 leads on its first 10 units.



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