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Ninety-nine percent of all wallcovering advertising is about showing product samples and listing distributors. So our first advice to Cirqa was, “Let’s not do that.” This was about making the product really stand out. And that was easy, too. Because Cirqa represents the latest in design and technology.


But designers are bombarded with product samples. They have volumes of swatches stashed in huge libraries. What they need are ideas.


These high-fashion images show wallcovering in a whole new way. They inspire designers to think of Cirqa as an accessory rather than a practicality.


Of course, good thinking doesn’t end with an ad. So, in addition to the standard trade pubs, the Cirqa campaign runs in magazines like Metropolis — to show that wallcovering can be just as sexy as any model. And like any bold fashion statement, Cirqa is turning heads.



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