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Can I have your number?

You’re probably already head over heels for social media, and hopefully it’s for the right reasons: brand awareness and conversions. So let us give you the 4-1-1 on how to make social media work for you, not against you. There are so many different social media platforms out there; don’t try to be a player on all of them at first. Master one channel/platform before you add another, and keep it quality driven, not quantity. Don’t be that person who posts meaningless noise all day long for no reason — people are out there, and they’re listening, so make your posts count.



Let’s take a look at that #1 — Facebook, boasting over 1 billion daily active users. Facebook likes timely content from a trustworthy source, and it uses algorithms that help filter what content appears on your feed. These are based on likes, comments, shares, etc on posts. That means if you play the social media game well, Facebook will give your posts popularity points and boosts based on the number of interactions you have. It’s a numbers game. Shares, likes, comments and retweets are credible backlinks, which means you’ll get more love in Google’s search results — and we could all use some search engine super powers. At MasonBaronet, we’ve got the playbook of social media strategies to help you bring your A game; just give us a ring. #winning

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