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Loving Your Agency

Living with an agency takes work, communication, honesty, and trust. Most creative teams have no trouble bringing the passion, but what if your business wants to build something that lasts beyond the honeymoon? Thankfully, we’ve had some experience in that department. Here’s our advice for creating an agency partnership that really works:


Share your dreams and desires.

What does success look like? Set clear expectations from the start. Define not only roles and responsibilities, but also the process and the details of the working relationship.


Be honest.

Transparency is important. Be clear about budgets, timelines, and goals. If questions or concerns arise, speak up and address them before things fester. Give and receive constructive feedback on making the relationship stronger.



Don’t underestimate the value of face time. Establish regular check-in meetings — even if it’s just lunch or coffee. Invite your agency partner to give updates on progress, and share news about your business to keep the dialogue open.


Be accountable.

Keep your commitments with regard to project milestones and payment. Ask for what you want. If you don’t know what you want, then just say what you need and then trust your partner to offer solutions.


Love your agency as yourself.

Follow the Golden Rule. Treat your agency as you’d like to be treated, and you’ll be amazed at the ways they reciprocate.


Creating innovative work while managing expectations, personalities, and objectives is no easy task. As with any relationship, there may be some bumps along the way. But when everything clicks, the benefits are beautiful.


The right agency is out there. And when you’re ready, we’re here for you.



We’re not bashful — check out these love notes from some very satisfied clients:


“I’ve known MasonBaronet since 2012 and they helped me take my business to the next level. Not only have I been impressed with their consistency over the years in creating unique value to power my brand as my business has grown, but I’ve seen them do it for other brands too.”

Robin Pou, Chief Advisor & Strategist |  Robin Pou, Inc.


“What I love about MasonBaronet is the creative talent that is brought to the table. From initial branding ideas to copywriting and design, the approach is always fresh and appealing. In the world of brand design, you can evaluate the cost for performing a specific skill, but you can’t put a price on God-given talent!

Le’Ann Callihan, Director of Communications | AAPL/NAPE


“Embarking on a brand change was a momentous event for our school. Built in 1961, we are steeped in almost 60 years of deeply rooted traditions, mission, and values. MasonBaronet understood the significance those attributes played in our identity and went through great efforts to fully understand and connect to who our school was on a personal level before they began evolving our brand.”

Allison Daus, Director of Communications  | Bishop Dunne Catholic School


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