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The true meaning of
holiday greetings

Custom holiday greetings play a surprisingly important role in a brand’s overall communication strategy. They’re much more than a touch point for clients, customers and friends — they’re highly targeted, and far more intimate compared to other media. In other words, in a season that’s all about connecting, holiday greetings can be the best way to connect. There are plenty of advantages to sending branded holiday messages:


Live the brand

Consistency is key, and there’s no better way to extend your brand’s reach. Every point of communication is an opportunity to reinforce your positioning, reclaim your value proposition, define your purpose, share your story and invite a conversation with your audience.


Give to get

Don’t just send greetings to paying customers. Remember your referral sources, strategic partners, suppliers, and other relationships that have an impact on your business. It’s the thought that counts — and they’ll think of you when it’s time to send business your way.


Stand out

Mailboxes are brimming this time of year. Don’t settle for boxes of bland, off-the-shelf cards —make something special. But it’s about more than simply grabbing your audience’s attention. Holiday greetings are a perfect way to show your brand’s human side, claim your originality and uniqueness — and remind people why they enjoy working with you in the first place.


Rethink the gift

If mailboxes are filled with corporate holiday gifts, that means garage sales, donation centers and white elephant parties will soon be filled with logoed coffee mugs and oversized bags of popcorn. Don’t be the company that’s known for sending clutter. Tangible gifts should be clever, thoughtful symbols of your brand’s unique story and personality. At the same time, don’t be cute or crazy for the sake of being different. Decide on the message, then choose a creative gift that gives it meaning.


Go big

Sometimes the most efficient and effective way to stand out is to scale up a simple postcard into something more like a poster. Create something that stands out in a stack of mail — and that looks great pinned to the wall in a cubicle, breakroom or lobby.


Gather online

Calendars are full this time of year, so consider hosting a different kind of social event using Facebook, Instagram or Vine — and get people interested and involved in your holiday happenings.


Show you care

When brands pay attention to the little things, clients and customers notice. A custom message shows you value the relationship. As one familiar brand puts it, custom greetings mean you care enough to send the very best.


Brand now. Avoid the rush.

Too many brands put off their holiday greetings until it’s too late — and then wind up settling for a cheap box of meaningless cards. It can be worse in bigger organizations, where separate departments or business units scramble to send last-minute greetings from who-knows-where — each with no regard for consistency or clarity of message.


See how we have celebrated our clients’ brands and sent holiday cheer to their customers and friends. Check out the work on Pinterest and Facebook.


The good news: There’s still time to create a custom holiday greeting, and you’ll find we’re always full of surprises. Get in touch today, and let’s talk about making your holiday branding truly memorable.

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